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USB Port Blocker With Key | Best Prices In Singapore

If you plan on purchasing a USB port lock with key in Singapore, you can trust DBR Systems to provide you with a good range of options to choose from. As the main distributor of USB port blockers in Singapore, we have been supplying to offices, government institutions, critical industries, and more across Singapore for many years.
Like our other products, DBR Systems is committed to offering the highest quality USB blocker in Singapore, which comes together with a key or is sold separately. Also known as a USB port lock, is designed to allow users to disable the USBs and peripheral ports on technological equipment. This is so that any risks posed by removable storage devices can be prevented. When people are increasingly facing the threats of cybersecurity and data leakage, USB blockers are more vital than ever. At DBR Systems, we carry USB port lock with key from two internationally recognised brands: Smartkeeper and Lindy. These port blockers are available for USB-A, type-c/USB-c, and RJ45 (LAN)/ethernet Ports. If you are unsure of which to choose, do not hesitate to contact us by emailing or call +65 6336 5920 to find out more information.
As mentioned above, the primary function of a USB port lock or USB blocker is to reinforce data protection. Notable data security incidents in the past, like the Stuxnet Attack, only push the importance of protecting our online activities from rogue outsiders and insiders. As some USBs may be infected with malicious malware, a USB blocker can instantly thwart any potential damage that can negatively impact the company’s daily operations. A USB port lock can also reduce the risk of data loss through USBs and secure personal USBs to the designated user.
Using a USB port lock is incredibly easy. As you connect the USB blocker to the data port of your computer or mobile device, it creates a physical barrier between your technological devices and the peripheral ports. The USB blocker with keys features a simple lock and open mechanism, as illustrated by both Lindy’s and Smartkeeper’s RJ45 (LAN) and USB-C port blockers. Some port blockers come with a combined “key” and “lock” mechanism. All you have to do is plug the keylock in place to install the port Blocker. Locks and key come in various colours, and each respective colour lock can only be opened by its colour key.

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A USB port lock is essentially a device that you insert into the USB ports of your computer systems. LAN port locks are meant for LAN/Ethernet ports, while USB-C locks are for Type-C ports.
As USB port locks, alongside LAN and USB-C locks, physically block access to the ports of your computer systems, they act as a visual deterrent against cybercriminals from committing threats or inserting foreign devices for malicious intent. As such, investing in a USB blocker with key is recommended to prevent unauthorised access to your sensitive data and information.
If there are any USB ports in your computer systems that are left unused or open, make sure to close them with a USB blocker with key to enforce cybersecurity. This goes for LAN/Ethernet and Type-C ports as well, since data can be transmitted through these ports. You can purchase Smartkeeper and Lindy USB port blockers and LAN and USB-C locks in our shop.
There are many risks associated with unused or open ports, especially in allowing you to be vulnerable to cyberattacks and data breaches. Common forms of cyberattacks these days include Malware, Denial of Service, Phishing, and many more. You can protect yourself and your computer systems simply by inserting a USB port lock into your ports, thereby physically blocking any unauthorised access.

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