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Cheap Printer Ink & Ink Cartridge in Singapore | Buy Online

Established Printer Ink And Ink Cartridges In Singapore

Not sure where to buy cheap printer ink and ink cartridges in Singapore? Look no

further as DBR Systems, an SME-registered business in Singapore since 2012,

is the trusted and dependable seller you can turn to when you require printing equipment and supplies.

At DBR Systems, we can assure you that all our printer inks and ink cartridges in Singapore are of the highest quality and are compatible with a wide range of printers. As such, you can buy with confidence that you will be receiving only the very best. The same goes for our toner cartridges, drum cartridges , and ink bottles.

We only offer 100% authentic ink cartridges from established brands, such as Brother, Canon, HP, and more. Using genuine and original ink cartridges is essential as they will prevent the printer from getting faulty and allow higher-quality printing materials. This, combined with the fact that we go the extra mile to provide quality yet cheap printing supplies, makes DBR Systems Pte Ltd one of the best sellers when you are looking for where to buy ink cartridges in Singapore.
Some may overlook the importance of selecting the right ink cartridge or printer. Not all ink cartridges are manufactured the same, so do keep in mind to check their suitability. Listed below are some ways you can do so:

Locate the Cartridge Number
Some printers can accommodate multiple cartridges, while others can only use one. In order to make sure that the ink cartridge you are purchasing is designed to work with your printer, it is recommended that you search for the cartridge number, which is usually printed on a label placed directly on the cartridge unit. For example, Brother LC163 ink cartridges are compatible with Brother printers DCP-J152W, DCP-J552DW, and DCP-J752DW.

Decide on either Standard or High-yield
Ink Cartridges are available in two types: Standard and High-yield. These types are based on the expected page yield, which represents the approximate number of pages the ink cartridge can produce before it dries and runs out. As the names suggest, standard ink cartridges have a lower page yield, making them suitable for light or personal use in homes. High-yield ink cartridges, which are usually denoted with “XL”, “X”, or a larger number depending on the brand, are specially catered for frequent printing use, like in the office, educational institutions, etc


This ultimately depends on the printer model and the capacity of the individual ink cartridge. In the case of genuine ink cartridges in Singapore, like the ones provided by DBR Systems, you can take a look at the fixed average capacity as stated by the brand manufacturer. However, it is safe to expect ink cartridges to dry up after two to three years.

This depends on your printing needs. If you print on a daily basis, we recommend purchasing high-capacity printer inks in Singapore. For less usage, you can opt for standard capacity. If you print more in greyscale and in less colour, high-capacity black and standard capacity colour (cyan, magenta, and yellow) would be more suitable.

Printer ink cartridges are used on inkjet printers, while toner cartridges are used on laserjet printers. Ink cartridges contain dyed or pigmented liquid ink to create images or texts, whereas toner cartridges utilise powder, which is heated and pressed onto the printing paper. In general, toners are able to print more pages than ink cartridges.

In short, no. While compatible ink cartridges in Singapore will work as long as they come from reputable sources, they will not perform as well as OEM (Original Branded) cartridges. This is because genuine ink cartridges can print out premium quality documents and work more efficiently with resources without potentially damaging your printer.

Where to Buy Ink Cartridges Online in Singapore

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