Why Businesses Should Stay Cyber Safe With USB Port Blockers

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Why Businesses Should Stay Cyber Safe With USB Port Blockers


Why Businesses Should Stay Cyber Safe With USB Port Blockers

No matter what industry the business belongs in, technological integration can no longer be ignored if the company intends to make profits and implement new business strategies down the road successfully. This is because technology offers a great deal of benefits and opportunities, from streamlining internal workflow to providing convenience and efficiency for employees. Considering that technology is constantly developing in terms of size, quality, and performance, businesses should stay ahead of the game and not lose out with such changes.

While technology has seen some overt progressions over the past few years, it has also brought along several threats with them. Similar to how regular people make use of technology to improve their everyday lives, criminals have also taken advantage of its capabilities by performing illegal activities. In the corporate world, most of these activities have a singular objective, which is to attack a specific company and threaten its credibility and performance.

As such, here are some reasons why businesses should invest in port blockers to stay cyber safe and protect their sensitive information from potential rivals. If you are a business owner, these pointers are sure to be of significant help to you.


1. Data theft from employees

Some sensitive data of the company, such as financial records, personal information of stakeholders, and trade secrets, can be accessed by employees. This can pose a huge risk if the employees are disgruntled, have to leave the company on bad terms, or are corporate spies hired by a competitor. Under such circumstances, these employees can commit data theft or corrupt the computer systems with viruses and malware by using USB devices or other portable digital devices.

The thing about USB devices is that they are a blind spot for many companies. As USB devices like thumb drives provide a quick and easy way to store and transfer files and back up any data, companies may tend to overlook or disregard their threats. It is important to remember that just a single flash drive can completely infiltrate a company’s network.

By using port blockers, businesses can avoid data theft and unnecessary access to their confidential data by internal personnel.


2. Protect business finances and reputation

With the above-mentioned factor in mind, data breaches can severely damage the affected company. Let’s say the company’s financial records were to be leaked. This can not only result in the company losing its finances, but also trust and credibility from external stakeholders and customers. The leakage of customer data and other relevant information will lead to the same consequence as well. Therefore, enforcing cybersecurity is a worthwhile investment as it allows the company to safeguard its assets and reputation for years to come. The bottom line is that if a business’ reputation is negatively affected, so will its revenue.


3. Increase in ransomware cases

Due to more and more technological usage around the world, more sophisticated forms of cyberattacks are introduced and carried out frequently. Ransomware is just one good example. As the name suggests, ransomware is essentially online extortion. After cybercriminals have gotten access to your computer systems, they will use malware to lock your devices or encrypt their content before extorting money from you or other operators. The business will eventually succumb to operational downtime and even permanent loss of important data if ransomware occurs.



At the end of the day, a cyberattack is a serious issue that affects both businesses and individuals. Cybercriminals are always looking for new ways to exploit computer systems to their advantage. As small-scale companies tend to implement fewer security measures, they are particularly vulnerable to hackers.

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