Shopping Around For Label Printers: Top 5 Things To Consider

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Shopping Around For Label Printers: Top 5 Things To Consider


Shopping Around For Label Printers: Top 5 Things To Consider

If you’re in the business of selling products or have a myriad of inventories to store, you will need a good quality label printer.

This computerised device prints on self-adhesive label sheets that can be used to label or mark a wide range of materials. A label printer must be connected to a computer that is installed with the necessary software. This means that a label printer is different from a label maker that comes with a keyboard and software and can work as a standalone device.

Nowadays, you can find label printers for small to medium-label printing needs and commercial and industrial label printers. There are also portable industrial label printers that can be used in construction, mining, and engineering sites.

Just like when you buy printer inks in Singapore, it’s also important to consider your options carefully when shopping around for label printers for your business. This ensures that you’re getting the best value for your money.

Here are the top five considerations you need to make to choose the best label printer for your needs.  

1. Consider the cost per label

A company needs to maintain control over its label printing processes to ensure that you’re not overspending or wasting precious resources. To prevent your business from spending too much on printing, you need to invest in a cost-effective label printer. To compute the cost per label, you need to multiply the price of the printer’s ink by the estimated number of labels it can print. So, the more labels it can print, the cheaper its cost per label is.

2. Choose a printer with high compatibility

This ensures that you can use your label printer with different printing accessories without having difficulty installing its software. For example, if you own a liquor shop, you could use a printer that’s compatible with a bottle label applicator so you can easily place logos on bottles. Other accessories connected with a label printer are label roll unwinders and rewinders.

3. Think of the printing resolution

The printing resolution of the printer is another vital consideration because quality labels look professional, eye-catching, and more eligible. Keep in mind that visuals matter a great deal to most consumers. So, if you want your labels to look legit and interesting, make sure to buy a label printer with high printing resolution.

4. Make sure it’s user-friendly

A label printer needs to be user-friendly, so anyone can use it without requiring much training. The machine must not be confusing to your employees to minimise mistakes while using the printer.

5. Check for water resistance and durability

Depending on your products, you might need a label printer that is resistant to abrasions and water damage. Labels can be exposed to wear and tear during transit. This is why it’s essential to ensure that the label printer is UV- and water-resistant to maintain the integrity of the labels even after it has travelled long distances from your warehouse or manufacturing plant to your distributors.


Label printers are an excellent investment your company needs to make. But to ensure that you’ll get a high ROI, it’s essential that you carefully choose among the different brands.

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