How Has The Pandemic Impacted The Printing Industry

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How Has The Pandemic Impacted The Printing Industry


How Has The Pandemic Impacted The Printing Industry

The pandemic impacted many industries, and printing is no exception. As the COVID-19 pandemic brings about a digital transformation in many aspects of our lives, we are increasingly connected with and reliant on technology, indicating that more traditional features are dwindling in popularity and use around the world. When it comes to the printing industry, in particular, this may seem that printers will soon go obsolete, considering that almost everything is taking place online, from schoolwork and documents to transactions. In addition, more and more people are conscious of the environmental impact of using paper, so they may wish to cut down on such wastage.

However, this is actually not the case. While there is no doubt that printers do not enjoy the same demand as compared to a decade ago, the printing industry is still here to stay. Like many other industries, it is simply going through a reinvention to incorporate modern technology and cater to consumers’ changing needs and preferences in today’s world.

As we look into the impact of the pandemic on print, these are some ways the printing industry has transformed since 2020.

1. Greater emphasis on packaging

One significant aspect of coming out of the pandemic is the rise in small and e-commerce businesses, which should not come as a surprise as everyone had to stay at home and most brick-and-mortar stores were closed. Of course, if goods could only be sent to the recipient through shipping, this means that printed packaging has to be produced in bigger batches. Even though most countries, including Singapore, are taking steps to get out of the pandemic, online shopping is not going anywhere, putting a greater emphasis on printers to produce well-designed packaging.

2. Detailed customisation

Regardless of the type of business, it is extremely likely that the industry it belongs in is crowded. This causes businesses to have a challenging time appearing unique and standing out from their competitors. However, through proper customisation, businesses can make their customers feel special and advertise their products or services to a broader audience. When we say detailed customisation, it does not mean slapping the brand’s logo onto a printed label and calling it a day. No, it involves much more than that, such as enabling variable data printing, printing intricate designs, and printing layout templates. All these additional services are more in demand than ever as personalised prints are increasingly requested.

3. Higher demand for print labels

Aside from printed packaging, print labels have also seen a surge in demand as people’s food consumption changes due to the pandemic. Fresher foods and a higher priority for hygiene have resulted in products having shorter shelf lives, which increases the utilisation of print labels. Print labels are what allow companies to convey information about a specific product to the public, thus playing a prominent role in the entire supply chain.

4. Preference for sustainable printing

These days, consumers are all about adopting more environmentally-friendly practices into their everyday lives, which applies to printing as well. Unfortunately, the printing industry has garnered a relatively negative reputation from environmental activists due to its contribution to climate change, specifically from wastage and deforestation. While small-scale solutions have been implemented to reduce these carbon footprints, it was not until the pandemic that there was a greater sense of urgency to come up with more sustainable printing methods.

HP, Brother, and Canon, are just some of the internationally renowned companies to jump on the bandwagon to demonstrate corporate social responsibility initiatives. Whether by creating sustainable printer inks or reducing single-use plastic in their packaging, these initiatives help the printing industry to take one step forward to becoming green.


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