3 Main Benefits Of Using Port Blockers

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3 Main Benefits Of Using Port Blockers


3 Main Benefits Of Using Port Blockers

There are many ways we can keep our personal information secured and out of the hands of cybercriminals and unauthorised individuals by practising cyber security. Whether you take a proactive approach in keeping your software up to date or using strong passwords for various websites, cyber security plays a crucial role in protecting and deflecting our digital devices from malicious attacks. However, there is another way to safeguard our data, and that is by using port blockers. For those who are not tech enthusiasts or are unfamiliar with this term, no worries, as we will be explaining what exactly a port blocker is and what you can stand to gain by using it.

Port blockers, otherwise known as port locks, are essentially USB (Universal Serial Bus) ports that act as a form of physical deterrent against unauthorised access and cyberattacks. All you are required to do is insert the port lock into any of your digital devices, be it your computer or mobile phone. As the port lock physically blocks access between your USB ports and any stranger, unapproved personnel are unable to connect their devices to compromise, steal, or damage your sensitive information. While it may depend on what brand or type of port blockers you purchase, most port locks come as a ‘key’ and ‘lock’ mechanism.

As such, we have listed some of the top benefits of using port blockers below.

1. Prevent connection between unauthorised devices and your computer systems

As might be expected, the main objective and benefit of using a port blocker are all about restricting any unauthorised or suspicious access to your personal data. What many people may not be aware of is that common USB devices like thumb drives and external flash drives can enable cybercriminals to hijack your computer systems and steal your data in just a matter of minutes or even seconds. This is extremely dangerous, especially for users who tend to bring out their computers or digital devices to the public.

2. Prevent data breaches in the corporate world

Data theft is nothing new in the corporate industry. You have probably heard or encountered a few cases in which data theft was committed by employees or a corporate spy from competing companies. In fact, data theft from employees is one of the top reasons for data loss in the working world, resulting in detrimental consequences for the affected company. If you are a business owner, port blockers come in handy by enforcing data security on all your computer systems and your company's critical information, such as passwords, financial records, and employee and customer data, to name a few.

3. Prevent corrosion around the USB port

Aside from protecting your data, port blockers can also prevent your USB ports from getting corroded. If you have a computer that is unused for long periods of time, it may risk getting a build-up of dust and other forms of dirt inside the port due to environmental conditions. This can lead to huge inconveniences as corrosion can cause your device to short-circuit and malfunction, with it unable to receive data signals well enough to operate. What’s more, corrosion can also prevent your computers from receiving voltage. Therefore, you should consider covering your USB ports with port blockers when they are not in use.


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